The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



 Portrait and Biographical Album of Oakland County, Michigan, Chapman Bros. (1891), pp. 268-269

NAPOLEON B. ARMSTRONG.  An honorable station among the farmers of Highland Township is occupied by the gentleman above named, who operates a pleasantly located farm on section 33.  His landed estate in the township comprises one hundred and twenty acres, and he has twenty acres in Milford Township.  He has put on the various improvements - buildings and fences, and has his land well stocked with good grades of Merino sheep, Short-horn cattle and Percheron horses.  He began his career as a full-fledged farmer not long after he became of age, and has demonstrated his skill and good judgment by increasing his acreage and bringing it all into fine condition.

Mr. Armstrong traces his ancestry to Connecticut, in which State his grandfather, Lee Armstrong, was born, reared and married.  His wife was Edna Smith, and their family comprised seven sons and three daughters.   Grandfather Armstrong died in his native State in 1817, but his widow breathed her last in New York while living with her eldest daughter, in the year 1836.  Grandfather Armstrong was a Presbyterian in religion.  In his family was a son, Stephen, who was born in Franklin, Conn., and who, in 1811, at the age of twenty-one years, went to Monroe County, N. Y.  There he made his home until 1834, when he came to this county and located on section 33, Highland Township.  He bought seven hundred acres of land in this and Milford Townships, together with property in the town of Milford, and in that place he also owned a half-interest in a grist and sawmill.  Highland Township was his home from his arrival in the State until his demise, which took place in 1843, and he was always engaged in farming.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He served as Supervisor and Overseer of the Poor.

Stephen Armstrong was married in Connecticut to Eunice Peck, who bore him four children.  He was again married in New York to Orpha Clark, daughter of Ethan A. and Lavina (Lockwood) Clark, natives of Massachusetts and New York respectively.   The second union was blest by the birth of six children, named respectively: N. B., Thomas J., Andrew J., Fanny E., William G. and Stephen D.  The eldest of these children was born in Monroe County, N. Y., April 2, 1830, and was a child of four years when he came with his parents to this county.  He has since made his home in Highland Township, and he is perhaps as well known as any man now living within its borders.  As a boy and man, he has helped to bring it to its present condition of prosperity, and his influence has been especially felt in the agricultural field.  When he was twenty-two years old he bought forty acres of land, and when the father's estate was divided he inherited eighty acres. [Begin Page 269]

March 31, 1859, Mr. Armstrong was united in marriage with Miss Rosetta Hays, the ceremony being performed in Milford.  The bride was a daughter of John and Almira Hays, who were natives of Erie County, N. Y.  The union has been blest by the birth of three children - Leroy L., who is now living in Milford; Calvin, whose home is in Tuscola County; and Effie, who is her father's companion and housekeeper, the wife and mother having died in 1866.   The political allegiance of Mr. Armstrong is given to the Republican party.


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