The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan

Historical Records And References

Below are a series of links to pages on this site, the sites of Society members and/or others which contain various records and references relating to Highland Township history. 

* * * Published Histories Of Highland Township * * *

This page includes links to the histories of Highland Township found in Samuel W. Durant, History of Oakland County, Michigan, and Thaddeus D. Seeley, History of Oakland County, Michigan, as well as shorter accounts.  Also included is a PDF file with scans of the 1959 History of the West Highland Baptist Church.

* * * Biographical Sketches * * *

Biographies of Highland Township pioneers and early residents found in old local histories and other published sources. 

* * * Federal Censuses Of Highland Township * * *

This page currently contains links to transcripts of the 1840 and 1850 Censuses.  We have also included information on how to access and view the Highland Township data in the recently-released 1940 Census.

* * * Vital Statistics * * *

This page contains links to birth, death and similar records, either scanned or transcribed.

* * * Original Highland Township Land Purchases * * *

An interactive list of every original Highland landowner, dates of purchase and patent issuance, parcel descriptions, etc. with links to biographical sketches and parcel maps.  NOTE:  This is a large page which may take time to load in your browsers.

* * * Personal Narratives, Reminiscences And Similar Accounts * * *

Accounts of Highland people, places and events found in personal narratives, reminiscences, presentations, interviews, letters, diaries and newspaper items

* * * Various And Sundry Highland References * * *

A growing collection of assorted references concerning Highland Township, including listings found in old gazetteers, population and health statistics, legal and legislative references, etc.   Some of these items may prove of value, while others simply make for interesting reading.  

* * * Highland History Headlines * * *

A chronological listing of significant and/or interesting events in Highland Township from 1835 through today, presented as short "headlines" or "bullet-points." 

* * * A Highland Township Gazetteer * * *

An interactive catalogue of Highland Township place names detailing the history of the Township's post offices, villages, lakes, streams, roads, railroad, Indian trails, district schools and other natural and man-made features. 

* * * Historic Highland Maps * * *

Part of our Historic Photo Tours section, this page provides a look at the growth of Highland Township as depicted on a variety of old maps, starting with the original 1823 government survey and extending to the 1940's.

* * * Highland Township References And Records * * *
On Other Web Sites

A list of links to cemetery records, historical markers, maps and other Highland Township records and references found on other web sites. 


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