The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



Lillian Drake Avery, Editor, An Account Of Oakland County, National Historical Association, Inc. (1925?), p. 190
being a supplement to George N. Fuller, Editor, Historic Michigan: Land Of The Great Lakes (2 Volumes)

NOTE:  The original volume regrettably misspells the family name as "DeGarno" throughout the entire account.
We have taken the liberty of correcting this unfortunate error so that those researching the name might more easily find this reference.

E. Samuel DeGarmo established a lumber yard in the village of Milford in the year 1911, and in the intervening period he has here developed a substantial and prosperous business as a dealer in lumber and general lines of building supplies, besides which he has been associated also with real estate operations in this part of Oakland county.  Mr. DeGarmo was born in Highland township, this county, October 31, 1880, his father, the late Archibald D. DeGarmo, having long been one of the representative farmers in Highland township, where he remained until his death in May, 1921, his widow, who was born in the year 1842, still maintaining her home on the old farm.  E. Samuel DeGarmo attended the public schools of his native township and those of Big Rapids, and he was a student one year in Michigan Agricultural College.  Thereafter he continued for several years his association with the work and management of the old home farm, and he next passed nine years in the city of Toledo, Ohio, he having within this period been there employed in three different banking institutions.  He finally returned to his native county, and here he has been successfully engaged in the lumber business at Milford since 1911. Mr. DeGarmo has been active in the local councils of the Democratic party and has been called to offices of public trust, he having been treasurer of Milford township in 1916.  He is affiliated with both York and Scottish Rite bodies of the Masonic fraternity, besides being a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and he and his wife hold membership in the Methodist Episcopal church.  On the 16th of February, 1911, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. DeGarmo to Miss Helen B. Weaver, daughter of the late John Nelson Weaver, whose widow is now a loved member of the family circle of Mr. and Mrs. DeGarmo, who have two children, June Katherine, born June 9, 1913, and Nelson, born October 14, 1914.


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