The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



Thaddeus D. Seeley, History of Oakland County, Michigan, The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago (1912), Vol. II, pp. 787-788

GEORGE W. GLINES.  A venerable and much esteemed resident of Oakland county, George W. Glines has for nearly three score years lived upon the farm he now occupies, three and one-half miles northwest of Clyde, during which time he has rendered material assistance in the development and advancement of this locality.  A son of John Glines, he was born November 3, 1829, in Canada, coming on the paternal side of New England ancestry.  Coming here as a child, he has witnessed wonderful changes in the face of the country.  In his boyhood days schoolhouses, churches, costly residences and substantial barns were unknown in this region.  Neither railways, telegraph or telephone lines spanned the country, nor were motor-propelled vehicles of any kind dreamed of, few, if any, of the present evidences of civilization existing.   In this grand transformation Mr. Glines has taken an active part, spending many of the best years of his long and useful life in redeeming from the wilderness a portion of the country roundabout.

Born and bred in Vermont, John Glines emigrated to Canada when young, for awhile working there as a farm laborer.  Going from there to Ohio, he lived for three years in Newburg, now a part of the city of Cleveland, working by the day.  Following the tide of migration westward in 1836, he located in Hartland township, Livingston county, Michigan, four miles southwest of the present home of his son George.   Buying eighty acres of heavily timbered land, on which there were no improvements, he began the pioneer labor of wresting a farm from the [Begin Page 788] wilderness.  His earnest efforts were rewarded, and he subsequently invested in other land, buying one hundred acres lying two miles south of his original purchase, and, having assumed possession of the new place, resided there until his death, in 1868.  He was twice married.  He married first Judith Maxfield, who died in 1845.  He subsequently married for his second wife Cynthia Ormsby, of Hartland township, whose home was just across the road from the present home of his son George.   By his two marriages he was the father of fourteen children, nine having been born of his first union, three boys and six girls, and of these two sons and one daughter are living, as follows: George W., the subject of this brief sketch; Wesley, who has been a resident of Minnesota for a half a century, is now living retired at Alexandria, and is drawing a pension on account of his services in the Civil war; and Laura, wife of Joseph Collins, a farmer living in Holt, Michigan, near Lansing.

Choosing the independent occupation to which he was reared, George W. Glines has met with well merited success as a general farmer, his property now including two hundred and thirty acres of good land, a part of it being in Hartland township, Livingston county, and one hundred and eighty lying in Highland township, Oakland county.  He has placed his land under cultivation the greater part of it being productive, yielding excellent crops each year.

Mr. Glines married, November 18, 1852, Jane Maxfield, who was born in Newburg, Ohio, in February, 1833, and died on the home farm in 1894.  Three children were born into their household, namely: Charles, Emma and Ida, but the last named lived but three years.  Charles Glines has always lived with his father, and has contributed his full share in the work of placing the home farm under tillage and in adding to its improvements and value.  He has accumulated considerable property, owning a good farm of sixty-five acres north of the home place, having purchased forty acres in 1901.  He married Anna Holloway, a daughter of Joseph and Harriet Holloway, old residents of Hartland township.  Emma Glines, who married Nathaniel York, of Hartland township, died at the early age of twenty-five years.  Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. York, Ida L., who died at the age of three months, and Ida Jane, who married Willie Woods, a farmer in Livingston county, Michigan.

Mr. Glines and Mrs. Charles Glines are both members of the Methodist church, and the former has been a trustee for a great many years.


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