The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



Lillian Drake Avery, Editor, An Account Of Oakland County, National Historical Association, Inc. (1925?), p. 415,
being a supplement to George N. Fuller, Editor, Historic Michigan: Land Of The Great Lakes (2 Volumes)

G. Ross Thompson - One of the popular and efficient members of the Oakland county official coterie at the court house in the city of Pontiac is he whose name initiates this paragraph and who is giving a vigorous administration as road commissioner of the county, an office in which he has been able to render valuable service in furthering the civic and material interests of his constituent county.  Mr. Thompson was born in Hartland township, Livingston county, Michigan, September 6, 1871, his father having at the time been one of the representative farmers of that county. Mr. Thompson attended the public schools of Highland, Oakland county, and supplemented this discipline by a course in the Fenton Normal and Business College, at Fenton, Genessee county.  He eventually established his residence at Vassar, Tuscola county, where he engaged in the feed business and where he served four years as a member of the village council.  He gave three years of time to traveling as a collector for the Champion Harvesting Machine Company, and thereafter he was for five years engaged in the retail hardware and implement business at Alma, Gratiot county.   Upon disposing of his business at Alma he returned to Highland, Oakland county, where he engaged in farming.  There he was elected supervisor of Highland township, an office in which he was retained thirteen consecutive years, he having been for two terms chairman of the county board of supervisors, and his loyal and efficient work in behalf of the interests of the county marked him as specially eligible for the office of county road commissioner, of which he became the incumbent in 1920 and in which he has since continued his able and valuable service, he being now the chairman of the county board of road commissioners.  It was in the year 1892 that Mr. Thompson established his residence at Highland, and during the long intervening years he has been known and valued as one of the loyal and public spirited citizens of Oakland county, where his circle of friends is virtually coincident with that of his acquaintances.  He is a staunch advocate of the principles of the Republican party and has been influential in its local councils and campaigns.  Mr. Thompson is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  The marriage of Mr. Thompson to Miss Rena Wilson, of Pontiac, was solemnized in the year 1891, Mrs. Thompson being a daughter of Henry H. Wilson, long a representative business man of this city.  Marian, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, was born in the year 1911 and at the time of this writing, in 1925, is attending the public schools of Highland.


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