Welcome!  We hope you will enjoy exploring this collection of historic photographs and other material relating to the history of Highland Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  As you do so, the following tips and hints should make your "journey through time" easier and more enjoyable.

The "Main Photo Tour Page" is the "Start" or "Home" page which links to the various sections.  Should you ever get "lost," every  page includes at least one "Back To Main Photo Tour Page" link to get you back "home."  There is also a navigation bar at the bottom of each page with links back to the Highland Township Historical Society home page.

Because of the number of photographs involved, the Township has been divided into various sections, e.g., Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Family Photos, etc.  Links on the "Main Photo Tour Page" will take you to an introductory page for each of these sections.  These introductory pages, in turn, have their own table of contents, with links leading to smaller subsections.  For example: Assume you wish to view photographs of the old Village of Spring Mills.  Starting at the "Main Page," click on the link for the Southeast section of the Township, in which Spring Mills is located.   This will take you to the Introductory Page for that section, where you will see another link taking you to photographs related to Spring Mills.  If you are looking for photographs of a specific person, try using one of the search engines on our Search page, since these may be found in a variety of locations.

NOTE:  We are always looking for additional historic [i.e., prior to 1960] photographs of people, places and things connected with Highland Township!  If you have such photos and are willing to share them, please send us a good quality scan or hard copy, along with a description of who or what is depicted.  Also indicate if we are free to make use of such photos on this site.

Again, we hope you will enjoy learning about the places, people and events which collectively make up our "Highland Heritage."  To learn even more, kindly consider joining the Highland Township Historical Society!  A membership application is available on in the "Society Information" section or you can write us at:

Highland Township Historical Society
Box 351
Highland, Michigan 48357


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