The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



As we post these various collections of early Highland photographs we are reminded of how many people, places and/or things are still missing.  We list these here, in no particular order, in the hope that visitors to this site might have one or more photographs they would be willing to share.  Our preference is for photographs taken prior to 1960, but more recent images are acceptable if they illustrate the place or thing described.  We will gladly accept scans in .jpg or .gif format (300 dpi or over, please), a good quality reproduction or (if willing) loan of the original so we might make our own copy.  Professional laser copies will do in a pinch, but Xerox photocopies do not scan well.  Any help our visitors can provide will be most appreciated.

Methodist Church on Clyde Road, west of Hickory Ridge Road
Gas Station/Garage on the northeast corner of Hickory Ridge and Clyde Roads
The Grubb School, on the northwest corner of East Livingston and Duck Lake Roads
The Lyman School on Wardlow Road, west of Duck Lake Road
More photos of the Excelsior School on south Milford Road, including Class Photos
More photos of the Beaumont School, including Class Photos
The Upper Pettibone Lake ice houses
The Pere Marquette water tower near Clyde
The old Highland Post Office by the railroad tracks
Closer view of the C.B. Hale auto dealership/garage in Highland Station
The Josiah Hair/Burchard Hair home on Dunham Lake where the "Liberty Fire Extinguisher" was manufactured


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