The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan


NOTE:  This brief history of Highland Township is taken from "History of Oakland County" by the Hon. Thomas J. Drake, read at a meeting of the Wayne County Pioneer Society, March 8, 1872, and subsequently published in the Michigan Pioneer And Historical Collections, Robert Smith & Co., Lansing (1894), Vol. XXII, p. 414. 

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p. 414

In town 3 north, of range 7 east, called Highland, the first purchase was made by Nathan Curtis, of Oakland county.  He formerly resided on the east bank of Silver lake, in Waterford.  On the 6th of September, 1832, he entered a part of section 36; he and his brother, Jeremiah Curtis, moved on to the land and improved it.  They early became imbued with the spirit of Mormonism, sold out their possessions, and joined the great body of Mormons in the west.   In 1832, James Aldrich, Richard Willett, Samuel Myers, Jr., Rufus Tenny and Alvah Tenny purchased and became settlers.


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