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1879 Superintendent's Letter Re: Teacher Compensation

1883 School Statistics And Michigan State Agricultural College Graduates

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Forty-Third Annual Report Of The Superintendent Of Public Instruction Of The State Of Michigan For The Year 1879, W.S. George & Co., Lansing (1880)

Extracts Of Reports Of Township Superintendents
p. xxxvii

T. S. Clark, of Highland township, Oakland county, says:  The most marked defect has been a certain lack of enthusiasm and intensity, on the part of the teachers, and consequent lack of earnestness on the part of the pupils.  Something of this is due to the low rate of wages paid.  The wages of female teachers certainly net them less, than they could earn if engaged in household labor, especially in the summer.  Yet the market is full to overflowing.  If the people could only see that the difference between a good teacher and a poor one, was really the difference between getting value received for their money, and absolutely wasting it, or if they would realize as a thoughtful farmer said in my hearing, " it is not so much the money wasted as it is the time my boys have lost which they can never get back again," there might be some hopes of a change.

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Forty-Seventh Annual Report Of The Superintendent Of Public Instruction Of The State Of Michigan For The Year 1883, W. S. George & Co., Lansing (1884)

Page cvii

TABLE XIV -- Graded School Statistics, Compiled from School Inspectors' Reports for the Year Ending September 3, 1883

Districts Counties No. of
in School
of School
Am't paid for
Av. Monthly Wages of Teachers Total
Men Women
Highland Station Oakland 154 1,800.00 640.00 40.00 24.00 997.34 200.00


Page cxiii

TABLE XV - Financial Statistics of Two Hundred and Ninety-two Graded Schools, as reported by Superintendents and Principals, for the school year 1882-3


Amount paid Superintendent
or Principal

Amount paid
Regular Teachers

Amount paid
Special Teachers

Total Amount
paid for

Amount paid
for Incidentials

Total Cost
of Schools

Cost per capita
for Instruction

Cost per capita
for Incidentals

Total Cost
per capita


Highland Station










NOTE:  Both of these tables relate solely to the "Highland Station" a/k/a "Highland" or "Union" School (District No. 4); not all the rural schools in Highland Township.  Not only is the district named "Highland Station," but the "Valuation of School Property" ($1,800.00) seems about right for one frame school building and its land.  So too, the "Amount paid Regular Teachers" i.e., $240.00, is equal to one female teacher at $24.00 per month for 10 months.  Lastly, the disparity between the amount paid the "Superintendent or Principal" and that paid the "Regular Teacher" is likely explained by the fact that the Highland a/k/a Union School had two rooms.   It was typical for younger students to be taught by a female teacher in the "little" or "lower" room, while older students  in the "big" or "upper" room had a male teacher who also served as "principal."  Thus, the $400.00 paid "Superintendent or Principal" probably reflects the salary of this male teacher ( $40.00/month x 10 months = $400.00).  At the risk of editorializing, one wishes the modern-day disparity between the pay of teachers and administrators were as easily (and innocently) explained!

Page 97 [Re: Report for the Michigan State Agricultural College]

Degrees Conferred.
The degree of Bachelor of Science was conferred upon the following students who had completed the course of study:

William A. Bahkle, Pewamo, Ionia Co.
Henry W. Baird, Lansing, Ingham Co.
*Albert M. Bamber, Highland, Oakland Co.
Arthur C. Bird, Highland, Oakland Co.
Leslie A. Buell, Chester, Eaton Co.
Ernest P. Clark, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co.
Herbert W. Collingwood, Boston, Mass.
Henry A. Danville, Jr., Marilla, Manistee
Co. Clark H. Eldridge, White House, Lucas Co., Ohio.
Archie M. Emery, Lansing, Ingham Co.
Edward J. Fletcher, Washington, D. C.
Edgar Grimm. B. S., Corvallis, Oregon.
Daniel C. Holliday, Jr., New Orleans,Louisiana.
Osmond C. Howe, Buchanan, Berrien Co.
Wilbur F. Hoyt, Grand Rapids, Kent Co.
Willard S. Kedzie, Deerfield, Lenawee Co.
Arthur F. Kinnan, Lansing, Ingham Co.
Eugene F. Law, Portage, Kalamazoo Co.
Charles F. Lindsley, Highland, Oakland Co.
Albert W. Mather, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co.
John T. Mathews, Portland, Ionia Co.
Harry C. Nixon, Bridgeman, Berrien Co.
Frank F. Rogers, Holloway, Lenawee Co.
Allen C. Redding, Berlamont, Van Buren Co.
Edmond Schoetzow, Volinia, Cass Co.
Jeddie H. Smith, New Troy, Berrien Co.
Milton St. John, Yates, New York.
Herbert M. Weed, Lansing, Ingham Co.
Clarence M. Weed, Lansing, Ingham Co.
Sarah E. Wood, Lansing, Ingham Co.

* Died June 1, 1883.

NOTE:  The fact that Highland Township students accounted for 3 out of the 30 degrees conferred (i.e. 10%) is most impressive!

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