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Highland, Oakland County, Michigan


References To Highland Township In Works Concerned
With Natural Features, Weather, Geology, Hydrology, Etc.
Arranged Chronologically

1882 Tornado In Highland

1893 Report Re: Highland Mill Sites And Peat Deposit

1909 Decision Of The United States Geographic Board Re: Name Of Downey Lake

1913 Report Re: Mineral Producers In Highland In 1912

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Report of the Secretary of War, Government Printing Office (1883), Vol. IV, Part 2,
Appendix No. 85, Report of the Chief Signal-Officer, Monthly Weather Review, April, 1882

p. 317 [Re: Local Storms in April, 1882]

Detroit, 6th, between Clyde and Highland, near the Flint and Pere Marquette Railway, about forty miles from Detroit, about 8 p.m., a violent tornado occurred; houses were destroyed and a number of lives were lost.

NOTE: At this time the U.S. Weather Bureau was part of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, so weather information was included in the Secretary of War's Annual Report to Congress.

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John W. Jochim, Secretary of State, Michigan And Its Resources, Robert Smith & Co., Lansing (1893)

p. 90 [Re: Water Power In Oakland County]

The Shiawassee river affords power at Holly and Davisburg in Oakland county and the Huron at Commerce and Milford.  The Rouge also affords several small powers in the county.  Pettibone creek is a small stream about eight miles long, rising in a lake in the town of Highland, passing through a chain of lakes and emptying into the Huron at Milford village.  It has a fall of about a hundred feet in the eight miles.  It furnishes two powers of 20 feet fall and 30 horse power, each in Highland township, one of 18 feet fall and 40 horsepower at Commerce village, and three at Milford of 10, 20 and 23 feet, and 15 to 40 horse power each.

NOTE:  This paragraph errs in claiming Pettibone Creek passes through Commerce village.  Rather, we think this is a mistaken reference to a millsite in Milford Township, north of and outside the Village of Milford.

p. 266 [Re: General Description Of Oakland County]

A large peat bed was discovered a few years since, not far from Highland, on the line of the Flint & Pere Marquette railroad, which yields a considerable amount of this peculiar fuel.

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Decisions Of The United States Geographic Board, July, 1908, To July, 1909
Government Printing Office, Washington (1909)

p. 10

DOWNEY; lake, Highland township, Oakland county, Michigan. (Not Haskin nor Haskins.)

NOTE:  A preface to this publication declares that "The Board passes on all unsettled questions concerning geographic names which arise in the Departments, as well as determining, changing, and fixing place names within the United States and its insular possessions, and all names hereafter suggested by any officer of the Government shall be referred to the Board before publication.  The decisions of the Board are to be accepted by all the Departments of the Government as standard authority."  What prompted the United States Geographic Board to take notice of and rule upon the name of this relatively small lake in Highland Township is unknown.  For what it is worth, Downey Lake was called "Haskins Lake" on the map of Highland in Kace Publishing Co., Illustrated Atlas Of Oakland County (1896) and "Haskin Lake" (i.e., no "s") in the George A. Ogle and Co. Standard Atlas Of Oakland County (1908).

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Mineral Resources Of Michigan With Stastical Tables Of Production And Value Of Mineral Products For 1912 And Prior Years, Michigan Geological And Biological Survey, Publication 13, Geological Series 10, Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Co., Lansing (1913)

p. 233 [Re: Mineral Producers Of Michigan]

Highland Township --

Armstrong, Clarence, Highland, Mich.
Barrett, A.G., Clyde, Mich.
Feeney, John, Highland, Mich.
Hewitt, P., Highland, Mich.
P. & M. Railroad, Highland, Mich.
Rogers, T., Clyde, Mich.

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