The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan


Census Records For Highland Township


* * * 1840 Federal Census Of Highland Township * * *

This is the first Federal Census taken after Highland Township's formation in 1835 and so provides one of the earliest lists of the original pioneers.   In addition to the raw census data itself, this page includes notes and a concluding commentary.

* * * 1850 Federal Census Of Highland Township * * *

As is well known, the 1850 Census was the first to include the name of every person in a given household.  Unfortunately, the early handwriting is not always clear and errors are not uncommon.  This transcript thus includes supplemental notes which correct and/or clarify the original entries.

* * * 1940 Federal Census Of Highland Township * * *

On April 2, 2012, the U. S. Census Bureau opened the 1940 Federal Census to inspection and created a web site where the data might be viewed.  As yet, however, there is no name index, so researchers must know what "Enumeration District" a person lived in to find the right place to start.  For the benefit of those doing Highland research, however, we provide the following "shortcuts" to speed your search. 

The easiest method is to download the compressed (zipped) file containing high-quality .jpg images of all the census pages for Highland.  To do so, simply click the following link:

You will be prompted to either open or save the file (  Click "Save" and download the file to an appropriate directory.  Once the download finishes, find the file and "unzip" it using any unzipping/decompression program.  The resulting 50 .jpg images can then be viewed and printed with any image viewer.

The second method is to go to the official 1940 Census website.  At the left side, under the heading "Search By" check "Enumeration District."  Then enter the state (Michigan) and the enumeration district number for Highland (63-48).  Click the "View It" button and you will be taken to a new page.  At the top are three boxes.  Click the right box labeled "Census Schedules."  You will then be taken to yet another page where you can view the images of the census schedules in your browser.

Please note that the number of people trying to access the 1940 Census site has exceeded all expections, with over 37 million hits in the first few hours!  As a result, the site may prove slow to load or even inaccessible.  The Census Bureau is currently working to increase site capacity, and the volume of traffic will undoubtedly decline over time.  For the moment, however, don't be surprised if the site proves difficult or impossible to access.



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