The Highland Township Historical Society
Highland, Oakland County, Michigan



Vital Statistics For Highland Township


NOTE:  All of the links on this page are to PDF files which will require Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF viewer to use.  Most of these are LARGE files, since they include images of the original records scanned at high resolution.  We accordingly recommend clicking on the link with your right mouse button and using the "save target as" option to download the file to your computer for viewing offline.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view these files can be obtained by clicking the icon below.

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*** Register Of Deaths 1907-1910 (10mb) ***

A 10 megabyte file with scans of 48 deaths that occurred in Highland Township from 1907 to 1910 in PDF format.  The file includes an introduction and index. 

*** Records Of The Board of Health 1849-1949 (Low Resolution 8mb) ***

*** Records Of The Board of Health 1849-1949 (High Resolution 48mb) ***

Scans of 150 pages of records of the Highland Township Board of Health from 1849 to 1949.  Included are records relating to the establishment and enlargement of the Highland (Centre) Cemetery, cases of infectious disease, orders for the quarantine of houses, etc.  The files includes an introduction and comprehensive index of both names and topics.  The smaller "Low Resolution" file is suitable for casual viewing online.  Those looking to "zoom-in," enlarge or otherwise study the images in detail should download/save the much larger "High Resolution" file for viewing offline.



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